Bill Heh Overcomes And Gets Stronger For It

You gotta love a magician who comes up with a new presentation of the Torn and Restored Newspaper.Read the description of Bill Heh a/k/a Oztier:

A pretty young girl is sitting at a bus stop, reading the morning paper, when a sloppily dressed man notices her. His eyes light up as he approaches the woman, who moves away from his advances. As the girl tries to read her paper, the man ends up ripping it in half, then in eighths in frustration.
“Then, before her eyes, she watches in amazement as the hobo stares at the pieces of newspaper, waves his hand, and suddenly it becomes one solid page again.

It gives a reason for the destruction and restoration of a newspaper.

I knew after reading the description in the Daily News of India that I would be interested in this magician.

After reading the article, though, I am absolutely fascinated.

Mr. Heh, 25 years-old, loves performing magic, enjoys working with great assistants and for welcoming audiences.But after all he has been through, he probably would still be happy if he was demonstrating Svengali Decks out of a station-wagon at the Swap-Shop.
Mr. Heh believes “anything is possible if you believe it can happen.”
When he was 10, he rode a four-runner ATV over a 100-foot cliff.
He landed on a highway and suffered a closed-head injury and lapsed into a coma.As if scripted in Hollywood, on the day before he was to be committed to a convalescent home, he awoke.

While he was conscious again, he was not in control of his motor skills.He had to retrain himself over the next two years.I cannot imagine how painful emotionally and physically it must be to learn to walk all over again.Regardless of the intensity or type of pain he suffered, he persevered.

His parents and therapists wanted to find something to build his hand-eye coordination and motor skills.They recalled his love for David Copperfield and the master illusionist?s shows.”They said, ‘Let’s try to work this into his therapy,’ and they started me doing card and coin tricks.”

His love for magic grew and the hours of practice filled the time he used to dedicate to sports.

That is enough for one life, we think.But you know what? No one asks us.

At the age of 16, he was again involved in a life-threatening accident.This time, he was struck by a car as he attempted to board his school bus.The collision crushed his legs, broke his back and necessitated nine operations and two years – including seven months of bed rest and five months on crutches – to recuperate.

At this point, I’dbecome bitter and do things to show how displeased I was.I?m not saying I would go on a shooting spree but I might do minor, irritating acts: like sitting in my car with the motor running at the prime parking spot at the mall just to see people line up and get frustrated.But again, Mr. Heh is not us. He’s better.

Mr. Heh decided he had been richly blessed twice by the medical care and emotional support provided him and his family.He wanted to give back to those who helped.Now he spends much of his time performing volunteer shows and teaching kids magic.

Heh spends much of his time performing volunteer shows, as well as teaching underprivileged children magic.
He hopes to have his show picked up by a producer and booked on a nationwide tour.

The Pittsburgh newspaper covering his performance charmingly believed all Mr. Heh told them.Viz: ?With illusions such as his finale, ?The Floating Rose, [the formation of a nationwide tour] may not take very long.

Mr. Heh told the paper that his effect is based on a dream he had.?I decided I wanted to create something the audience had never seen before make my own mark in my field.

The effect closes his show.The paper describes it this way, ?Heh finishes his show by not only floating a paper rose, but turning it into a real rose. The skit is based on a marriage proposal, inspired by a dream he had.

Good for Mr. Heh.If you would like to read his full story, click here.

Check out Mr. Heh’s very nice website here.

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