German Magician to Drive By Memory

Inside Magic News: Thorsten Strotmann to Drive Blindfolded On Mountain RoadGerman Magic Legend Thorsten Strotmann – who looks too young to be a legend – will be doing a blindfold drive along 12 miles of mountain road in

He’s been practicing the test for six months and hopes to have the winding path memorized so that when he dons a steel mask and black sack over his head, he’ll be able to negotiate the way.

The police will close the course for either his safety or the safety of other drivers. Formula One driver ‘Strizl’ Stuck will be riding shotgun but will not be helping the magician.

We wish him the best of luck on this ride and we can tell from the publicity he is already getting.

After all, we heard about here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan and we only get two channels on TV (both C-SPAN) — that it will likely be a big success.

You can check out Thorsten’s very cool website. It has also been put into the Inside Magic Links of Fame.

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