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Meir Yedid Done Did It

Gamblers WaysWe have sung the praises of Magician and Proprietor of Magic Meir Yedid (@MeirYedid) for years on this august website.

He is to magic dealers what Tiger Woods is to golf.  Perfection is found on his pages delivered weekly to lucky mailboxes around the globe.  He provides magic effects not found on other dealers’ sites and usually has an interesting story to tell about how they came into his possession.

Today, Mr. Yedid sent an electronic mailing offering the usual great stuff at great prices and included within those two general categories was his own Gambler’s Ways video.  He describes it thusly:

This week’s video download is a routine I have been performing and refining since I was a teenager. It was one of the hits of my Gene Maze Tribute lecture that I debuted last year and was one of the main reasons I sold so many of the lecture videos. Today I am releasing it to you. But I must warn you that it is not easy to master. I got a big laugh during the explanation when I said, after doing all the sleights, “…and the rest is self-working.”  Watch the video performance and see if it is for you. The presentation I believe is original with me and allows for imperfect false deals since it is supposed to be a practice session.

We know what you’re thinking and specifically what you’re thinking about this offer by Mr. Yedid: “Mr. Inside Magic Man, are you getting a cut of the sales revenue by promoting this video offer?” “Mr. Inside Magic Man, how can I as a person who makes $X.00 amount of money a week afford such a video?”

First of all, nope.  We’re not making any money from the deal or any of the promotions or ads or mentions on  That is why we keep our night job as a caddie at the mini-golf course in Pasadena.

Second of all, you can!  The price for this instructional video is not $100.00 (although that would be a reasonable amount); not $50.00 (which would still be reasonable  and do-able); or even $25.00 (an amount that most videos of this type sell for).

Nay, the price is $5.00 USD.  That is less than the price of a coffee from most any barista (except for the freelance barista who walks in the alley behind our apartment over top the bakery for dogs).  That is the same price as a five-dollar bill.  That is less than the cost of a gallon of premium gas in Los Angeles.

Please note though, this deal only lasts until February 4th so you best get going.

As the archery instructor once told us (we think he was an instructor) “you get the point.”

Check out Mr. Yedid’s site and enjoy our wonderful magic life celebrated in weekly emails by a great guy and fantastic magician.

Magic Lesson Learned

Inside Magic Library Cover Page for Happy Hollisters and the Perfect FarosLast week we did a short performance of our card artistry for a nice group of people.  They were so nice that we decided to add a new trick to our routine that has been developed over the years that have passed from when we were just 13-years-old.

It is the same routine.  Nothing has changed.  We used the same routine when we successfully auditioned for The Magic Castle to become a Magician Member (one of the highlights of our magic life).  We will add a new joke every once in a while and then it gets folded into the the ever stable dough of our routine.  The dough does not rise or fall.  It is the same dough we have been kneading since we had a corduroy three-piece suit and a fez.

The costume was our regular wear back in those days.  We were a huge Tommy Cooper fan — hence the fez — and we were very poor — hence the corduroy suit.  It was a bright brown with lapels wide enough to hide a deck of cards on one side and a thumb tip on the other.  The pockets were cut to allow access from the inside and outside.  The breast pocket was without a bottom so we could have things travel from it to our lower outside pocket.  It was an ugly suit on the outside but an incredibly functional suit on the inside.

The fez was perfect for the Sucker Sliding Die Box, that’s all.  Plus, none of our party audiences back then had ever heard of Tommy Cooper and there was no YouTube to which we could use as evidence that a magician could wear a fez.

But we got a new suit when we became a lawyer and we abandoned the fez (it no longer fit our now ego-inflated skull).  Our act was now stripped to the same five card tricks, neatly folded into a souffle of card magic.

Back to our point.  We sometimes wander far from the topic.  We don’t know why.  The path we take doesn’t usually end up at a bountiful country scene; replete with joyful animals and calm lakes.  We usually end up lost in a dark corner of a big city of conversation or discussion to which we have never been.  Those listening or reading feel helpless and not comforted.  Perhaps they worry that our train of thought has no tracks but is actually like a cartoon train that has jumped its track and is now running down cartoon animals and about to become submerged in the placid but deep lake.

Anyway, as we were saying.

We do the same five card effects each time.  We don’t change their order because each effect sets up the next part.  We don’t change our methods because they’ve worked well over the years, decades.

But last week we changed our routine and that led to our self-assessed downfall and failure.

The audience claimed to be delighted and that was nice, but we knew the truth.  The transition was unacceptable.  It seemed unpracticed compared to the first four effects and because we wanted it to fit the over all routine, it seemed forced.

Our routine is essentially second dealing and false shuffles and lucky forces.  To this routine we tried to include Lennart Green’s Stolen Cards.  We love the effect and love the simplicity.  By itself, it is a wonderful 12 minute routine.  We tried to make it a four minute routine and that is not possible.  In the midst of performing the four minute version of the routine, we knew it wouldn’t fit.  We had practiced it by itself many times and performed the 12 minute routine many times.  But now we were making it a component of a 15 minute routine.  It required a different deck and when it was done, it required a further deck change.

We wondered the whole weekend following the show, why we would try to change our act on the fly.  Was it pride?  Was it an homage to the great Lennart Green?  Was it a chance to make our life-long routine to something new?

All of those reasons do not justify what we tried to do.

Pride goeth before the fall.  Lennart Green doesn’t need our homage.  Changing our routine could not be for the benefit of the assembled audience — they had never seen our routine.

Our father, a great magician and fine teacher of great magic, had some great advice for us as we were starting in this wonderful art:  1) when you are not being chased, don’t run; 2) when there is nothing to do, do nothing; 3) stick with what works.

We broke all three rules.

The audience didn’t notice — we think — but we did.  We learned an important lesson.



Big Guy’s Super Cyber Sale is Live Now!


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Some of the great items on sale include:

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Magicians Flock to Colon

Inside Magic Image of Favorite Melvin the MagicianEvery year for the last 82, Colon (pronounced “Colon”) Michigan is the site of the Midwest’s largest celebration of magic in West Michigan.

Colon is the home for magicians live and dead – their cemetery is incredible.  It is a tracing of magic history with wonderful stories to be told.

The 82nd annual Magic Get Together lasts from Wednesday, August 7th (today), until Saturday, August 10 (a day in the future – herein in identified as “a few days from now”).  The event has been held in Colon, the magic capital of the world, since 1934.

B.J. Mallen, a magician and employee at Abbott’s, says, “We only have 1,100 people or so year long. We get just as many magic enthusiasts that come through on these 4 days.”

It is wonderful festival.  We visited often whilst stationed in Mystic Hollow, Michigan, as part of an elite magical team with one less than elite member – we never figured out who or she was – ready to engage in card throwing, flash paper attacks, and the tearing and restoring of enemy maps.  Of course the enemy and non-magic community denied our existence – as one would expect.

It is one of the most family friendly conventions we have ever attended.  In fact we would bring our family eyery year with or without their consent.  “Every year, Abbotts Magic Shop hosts a long list of family-friendly events for the get together. Street performers, stage shows and lecturers will all be on hand in 2019.”

Our favorite location – other than the Pizza Parlor where all things magical happen or the VFW Hall where all things magical also happen but with more crowded conditions – was the dealers’ room.  There guests can purchase magic tricks and commune (now legal in Michigan) with visiting magicians.  Fox 17 of Western Michigan points out that Inside Magic Favorite Bob Little has been making the trek for more than 50 years.  He is now 87-years-old but still just as spry and inventive.

“Magic has changed tremendously. It’s not the hobby it used to be,” he says. Little says he has noticed people’s attention move away from magic in recent years to electronic devices.”

They’ll come back, they always do.  We had electronic devices back in the 30’s, 40’s and so on.  We predict, and you can write this down – or just take a picture of the screen on one of your new-fangled ePhones:  “Magic will be a part of society as long as there is curiosity and invention.”  We didn’t make up that quote but it seems to fit well right about here and we’re certain the true author, statesman and magic lover Harry Truman wouldn’t mind.  We’ll check our ePowered Ouija board this evening to make sure.  Yes, he was talking about a different thing and he didn’t use the word “Magic” or “curiosity and invention” but it was the midst of the famous coal strike and he didn’t have time for such niceties.  But we knew what he meant.

Where else can you see magicians on the street, the bright sunlight, eating a hot dog from the gas station and filing into the Dealers’ Room to see the latest tricks from the best shops our Art.

“The get together dates back to the 1920’s when two world renowned magicians, Harry Blackstone and Percy Abbott, moved to Colon.  Mallen tells FOX 17, “He (Blackstone) was looking for lakefront property to purchase because he likes to fish.”

The two magicians would form Blackstone Magic Company. After a falling out between the two, Abbott would open what would become Abbott’s Magic Shop.”

See a list of all the performers here.

Big Guy Magic Shop is Magic!

big guyWe went on an Inside Magic journey and recently returned.  We traveled through the heartland of this great country and stopped where we could to see places of magic interest.

One of the places we stopped was Big Guy’s Magic Shop in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  We had a wonderful time meeting the Big Guy and his wife Mary.  Their shop is incredible and very much brick and mortar of the classic magic shop design.  There are tricks everywhere – in and out of beautiful and refurbished counters with streamers and signs festooning the place.  There are chairs to sit and chat and wonderful chats to be had with the Big Guy and Mary.

Local magicians were visiting throughout our time in the shop.  We even saw a celebrity magician just as we were entering and will keep his identity from the peering eyes of our tens of readers to protect his privacy.  Also to protect our embarrassment because we didn’t recognize him in his everyday dress clothes; complete with a hat – although not a magic hat, so there’s that.

Name a trick and the Big Guy has it.  He showed us his backroom and it is filled (as in, there’s no more room for anything) with magic.  His eCommerce site boasts – in a modest way – over 17,000 tricks.  And that’s not like saying he has 16,000 thumb tips and the rest in sponge rabbits.  These are classic effects and the latest.  He even has a texting service to let customers pre-order effects before they hit the streets – the tricks not the customers.

We bemoan often the lack of real magic stores and wonder if there is a place for the classic magic store amidst the eCommerce world with its fancy tools.  The Big Guy proves it can be done.  He has a place to learn, trade stories, work on tricks and just relax in a magician-friendly environment.  He holds lectures from some of the big names in our craft and is the hub for magicians available for shows. Check out his About Us page for images of some of the big stars that have visited.

We walked out with new effects and some classics we needed to replace in our collection and we were happy.  We didn’t stop smiling until, well, we’re still smiling.

The chances that you will visit Pewaukee, Wisconsin may not be as great as the chances you will turn on your computer, but either way, we hope you visit the Big Guy and his wonderful magic offerings.

We should point out that we received not a dime for this unabashed hagiography of the Big Guy, his wonderful wife, Mary, and his spectacular online and in-life store.  It is our pleasure.  It was such a wonderful experience, we want to spread the word.

Check out his brick and mortar establishment here.

Visit his on-line cornucopia here.

Sign-up for his newsletter and text service while you’re there.  You won’t be spammed but you will be treated to advance notice of great tricks that are sure to sell out.

Inside Magic Rating – Five out Five – Our Highest!

Real Magic Duplicated for Effect

Inside Magic Image of John von NeumannHow could you not be intrigued by a man who is quoted as saying, “[a]nyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin”?

But you would correctly ask, what does this statement have to do with magic, Las Vegas, Barry Richardson, Criss Angel, David Copperfield and Doug Henning?

The answer that would come back would, at first, be unsatisfactory.

Dr. John Von Neuman was a distinguished polymath who could speak ancient Greek, helped to determine the scientific models necessary for the first atomic bomb and several schools of mathematics.  To say he was a genius is an understatement.

But it is his connection to magic and magic tricks that brings him to the front page of this humble publication.

Personally, we’re not good at book tests and don’t really enjoy watching them.  We have seen perhaps hundreds over our very long life but none have left a lasting impression.

While we take pride (also a sin) in our ability to speed read books but we don’t remember every word.

But Dr. Von Neuman could memorize entire phonebooks.  For real.  In fact, on one occasion he recited every entry until those listening agreed he had the phonebook memorized – that was after about fifteen minutes of reciting the name and associated phone number on each page.

The late genius of mentalism, Barry Richardson would often couch his effects with a story about some incredible individual who actually lived a real life and could be identified.  He would then duplicate the effect they performed allegedly by psychic powers but disclaim such powers in his performance.

We watched Mr. Richardson duplicate a demonstration performed first by a young Russian girl who could allegedly read any item with her fingertips.  She would be blindfolded or perhaps she was legally blind (we can’t recall) and could, through a pane of glass held by her examiners, read the serial numbers of currency, handwritten notes  and other documents using only  her fingertips running along the glass.  The pane of glass was used to prevent her from sensing the characters by feel.

Folks were amazed and attributed great powers to the young lady.

Mr. Richardson would then duplicate the effect, pane of glass and all, whilst blindfolded to the satisfaction of the magicians in the audience.  He could then read the serial number of a bill previously offered and signed by a random audience member.  The bill was signed to prevent his memorization of a pre-prepared note.  It was an outstanding performance.  We were astounded not only by the effect but also the story upon which it was based.

Dr. Von Neuman’s ability to memorize a phone book handed to him by a volunteer was performed as a trick for entertainment..  He used the power he had to entertain, not to boast.  Unfortunately for us magicians, he apparently actually did memorize the content of the phone book and there was no trick employed; thus making this duplicate by his method.

But, by combining Dr. Von Neuman’s story with a book test, magicians could elevate the effect on audiences.  In place of a book test, the memorization of an entire deck of cards ala Bob Cassidy could also benefit from the real-life story of Dr. Von Neuman.

We have performed the Bob Cassidy method of memorizing a deck of cards shuffled together by four audience members and then reviewed by us for just 15 seconds.  We never had a story to go with it.  It was at best a stunt or demonstration of our alleged powers.

But just think how using Dr. Von Neuman’s story in a method similar to that employed by Mr. Richardson could boost the effectiveness and interest in the trick by audiences.  It would no longer be a stunt but a duplication of a talent possessed by a real person who really existed.  It would therefore be possible and real.

We never claim to have psychic powers and disclaim any such ability but until today, we have never had a satisfactory story to present along with our performance.  We can now move beyond “hey, look at me and my clever stunt” to “let me tell you the story of an extraordinary man with a real history who had a real talent.”

Most book test performances we have witnessed involve the apparent guess of a word selected by the volunteer from a book selected from a collection of two or three volumes.  The magician asks the volunteer to select a page (either directly or through some apparently random process) and then proceeds to read the volunteer’s mind by having her concentrate on the selected word.  The magician presses his hand to his forehead for effect and then announces the word or phrase with some guessing (in some methods) or directly.  The volunteer is thanked for her participation and the audience applauds.

Perhaps this article is just a note for us and will be dismissed by those performing putative memorization or psychic readings.  We hope that it is more than that.

Mr. Richardson’s performance left a lasting impression on us not because the effect was impossible – the solution would be apparent to most magicians – but because it was couched in a story and built to the demonstration of what was apparently sufficient to have the young woman in the story proclaimed to be psychic and exceptional.

The memory of such a presentation lasts long after the volunteer retakes her seat and we move on to the next effect.  It brings the audience on a journey and leaves them with questions about the real person on whom the effect is based as well as the performer now duplicating that effect.

That’s a win in our book.

Read more about Dr. Von Neuman and his amazing skills and contribution to our everyday life through higher mathematics hereInside Magic Image of John von Neumann.