Michigan Magic Master John Sturk Now at Fun Inc

Magician John Sturk Joins in Fun Inc's WorldOne of the Inside Magic favorites in the upper ten percent of that esteemed list is Michigan magician John Sturk.  

We have written in glowing terms of Mr. Sturk’s natural talent and ability to win even the most jaundiced audience.

We are happy to report that the talented young man has hired on at Chicago’s Fun Inc.  In keeping with his incredible ability to do several things at once, Mr. Sturk has a new web site giving the bird’s-eye low-down on the inside skinny of Fun Inc.

Fun Inc.’s business name fit with what and how they produced.  They have been consistent in producing great products at affordable prices.

Congratulations to Fun Inc. on landing the multi-talented John Sturk.

Check out Mr. Sturk’s web site and share in his discovery of Chicago’s landmark magic institution.

You can visit Mr. Sturk and the Fun Inc, here: http://royalmagic.blogspot.com/


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