Criss Angel and Pam Anderson in Divorce Squabble

Criss Angel Has Amazing Sway over the LadiesCriss Angel breaks hearts and bonds.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was apparently the latest to fall within the mesmerizing gaze and powers of Criss Angel.

Their encounter in Las Vegas is cited as the last straw in her on-again / off-again divorce proceeding.

The former Baywatch star called the
divorce a "big fat juicy can of worms."

reason for ending their three month marriage is reportedly over a fight
the couple had about magician Criss Angel. Apparently,

Anderson was "flirting" with him and Salomon got angry.

The world came crashing in after a flirt with the Flirt-Master General.  

hit the roof when he found out Pam was hanging out with Criss while he
was at a poker tournament. They had a huge fight, and she filed for
divorce a few days later," a source alleges.

Angel must have charisma lost on us.  At last count, he has brought
Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Carmen Electra into
his lusty grasp — each time ending badly for the fair maiden. 

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