Chad Juros, Magician & Cancer Survivor to Perform, Share Story

Chad Juros - Incredible MagicianThe "Relay for Life" set for June 3rd and 4th in Hammonton,
NJ will feature magician Chad Juros.

Mr. Juros is a well-known performer in the New
Jersey area with performance credits ranging from the
White House, to NASCAR fund-raisers, and Vegas.

Perhaps less known is his personal story of surviving cancer. He'll share his story during the Relay for
Life fund-raiser next week.

The Relay for Life in Hammonton coincides with similar
fund-raising efforts across the US
that weekend.

All funds raised at the event through pledges and donations will
be used to support research, education and patient and family services in South

Mr. Juros was diagnosed with cancer at age 3. Following a
relapse four years later, he spent 17 months in a hospital. We were deeply moved by his story as reported
in today's
Hammonton News

"The way I dealt with my disease was by learning
magic," the magician told the Hammonton News. "My father taught me
magic as a way of diverting my sadness and pain. Every Tuesday my father would
close his South Jersey dental office, travel to me and turn
my hospital room into a magic haven.

All day Wednesday he'd teach me new magic
tricks and when I was in a coma he played magic videos in my room hoping I
could hear them. When he wasn't with me the rest of the week, I'd be practicing
my magic."

In 1998, when he was finally released from the hospital,
Juros' father collapsed and was diagnosed with a malignant brain cancer. He
died 15 months later.

"Before my dad died he made dying wishes for all of
my family," Juros said. "For me his dying wish was for me to be
considered cured from my cancer, which I am, and to continue to 'spread the
magic across the world in the hope that everyone can find the magic in their
life as I did'."

Juros suffered yet another medical setback in 2003 that
required brain surgery. Before his surgery he looked the neurosurgeon in the
eye and said, "Please don't take the magic away from me, it is all I have
left of my father." He came out of the surgery without any major deficits.

Following this surgery, Juros formed the Spread the Magic
Foundation whose mission is to spread magic to children with cancer so they and
their families can find the magic in their life as he did.

Check out the amazing work Mr. Juros is doing through the Spread the Magic Foundation by visiting their web site here:

Our prayers are with Mr. Juros, his family, and the
extended family of cancer survivors and those who care for them. Please visit Mr. Juros very informative web
site at:

If you are in Southern New Jersey
that weekend, you're urged to take part in the Relay for Life. Please say "hello" for us.

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