Kid Show Cut-Ups – Who Doesn’t Love the Indian Rope Trick?

Party Magic FunIndia's Deccan
Herald addresses the mythical Indian Rope Trick
in today's edition. We don't
know why the paper decided to look into the issue now, but we're always happy to
read about it.

The trick that never was goes like this:

It is some 400 years ago in a small village in the vast Mughal
Empire. A crowd gathers in anticipation around a fakir. He is about to perform
the great Indian rope trick.

He throws a length of rope skywards and much to the
amazement of the people watching, it stands erect, its end disappearing into the
darkening twilight sky.

His assistant is a little boy, who climbs up this freestanding rope, only to
vanish as he reaches the top. The fakir commands the boy to come down. The
disobedient boy is nowhere in sight.

The fakir fakes a fury, picks up a sharp knife and holding it between his
teeth, climbs up the rope, only to disappear from the view of the crowd below.

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