George Sands Passes

Master Magician George SandsWe heard some sad news from our friend and incredibly talented Steve Daly.  Mr. Daly is passing along news he received from Howard Schwarzman about George Sand's death.  
My long time friend George Sands died peacefully this morning at his
     home in Janesville, WI.  He was 86 and suffered from Alzheimer's for
     the past 8 years.  So long George.  You were swell.
     – Howard Schwarzman.
I personally knew George as "that guy who REALLY likes rope tricks"  when I lived in Phoenix, Az  and went to  the local IBM Club meetings each month.

George was a wonderfully nice guy who not only did rope tricks (SAND-sational Ropes)
but also did the "Memory Test' – he tried in ernest to teach it to me
one night – after more than 2 hours of his ramblings and my not
understanding – we decided I simply was not cut out to be a "Memory
Expert"…  LOL
He was such a nice guy and a big help to me as I grew in Magic (and I am still growing!)
"May your ropes never frey, George Sands…"

Mr. Sands' son is a performer and has a great biography on his web site: .  As the son of the great Mr. Sands, he had "no choice" but to learn and perform magic.  You can order Mr. Sands book 54 Years of Magic at his son's web site here: .

Check out George Robinson, Jr.'s Hall of Fame listing for Mr. Sands at Viking Manufacturing here:

Our thanks to Steve Daly for passing along this information. 

You can learn more about Alzheimer's Disease here






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